Scale of the project

Association of Family-Run Company was established in 2008. Throughout many years prof. Andrzej Blikle used to serve as its President and Jacek Jakubowski as its Vice-President.

Aims of the programme

In 2009 the official project „Family-Run Companies” was kicked off with its aim to work out the methodology supporting family-run businesses. The official leader of the programme was National Agency of Development of Entrepreneurship. Association of Family-Run Companies was responsible for trainings and their methodology. Methodology itself was carried out by Dorota and Jacek Jakubowski. The programme covered 300 people from 100 companies.

Our role

Dorota and Jacek Jakubowski worked out the methodology of the support for family-run companies and prepared the training team involved in the programme.

Due to complexity of the project (first and foremost its methodological complexity followed by difficulties related to inner family mediation and the innovation of its approach) they focused on permanent process of training and supervision for team running the programme. Frequent conceptual meetings, constant supervision and methodological seminars contributed to creation of strong bonds with the clients.

The methodological content since its beginning put strong emphasis on the close dialog between participants and their ability to increase their influence on the project. During number of psychological workshops participants were led by trainers to improve their communication habits and ability to take responsibility for their learning process. During conference meetings they got to learn theoretical basis which were then analysed in the form of dialog and thoughts-exchange process.

The whole programme also consisted of workshops which content and process were created by participants themselves. Additionally participants had available numerous consulting hours which contents were build upon participants needs.

Results of the programme

Based on the feedback from participants, Association of Family-Run Companies, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (official supervisor of the programme) and external independent research conducted by scientists from Kozminski Academy project ended up with success being presented as reputed benchmark at the governmental and presidential conferences on the national level.

Thanks to the success of the project its second round was kicked off and is due by end of 2015.

One of the outcome of the project is the handbook „Business in Family, Family in Business” that collects theoretical assumptions, methodology, content of the workshops and feedback from the participants.

Majority of participants claim that processes opened up during the project still endure. Their communication and the quality of life in families improved and companies began to build their activities with bigger consciousness around their strategic targets and development.

One of the issue handled throughout the project was the succession in the family-run businesses. The owners, their families and employees take active part now in activities led by Family-Run Initiative, they cherish business and private relationships and engage themselves in creation of local initiatives.